Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Wrap up of The Roll Up!

The last week in February we hosted Johnathan Schmuck (for those of you who are not already ravings fans... its pronounced like "book") as our visiting instructor teaching "The Roll Up". A fantastic time was had by all! Johnathan is a terrific teacher and so much fun to work with! Students came from as far as Hawaii, Atlanta, Houston, Kerrville, and good old San Antonio. It was worth the trip! Here's a few highlights!

First an 8" x 10" tile is constructed:

Then that tile is fused:

After it is fused, the tile is cold worked and heated back up to temp in an annealing kiln. Once it has reached temp, it is pulled out of the annealing kiln, and rolled onto the end of a mole (pronounced like "boil"). From there, the tile is bent and heated in the glory hole to shape it:

The tile is continually heated, blown open, and shaped via the marvering table. Then, the tile is gathered at the end and a small pinch of glass (the frigger - great word!) is removed. The pinched area then becomes the bottom of the piece and a punty rod is attached, after which the mole is removed:

After more shaping and applause, the piece is then removed from the punty rod and put in an annealing kiln to cool.

Here's a photo of the class participants, a few missed the photo, sorry guys! Each 8 hour day Johnathan, with assistance from Larry West and the students, rolled up 10 vessels. It was an unmatchable event! Don't miss a chance to do this class when you see it offered. Johnathan will be back teaching more in the Fall of 2008 and Spring of 2009!

Many thanks to our brothers at Dragonfire Hot Glass Studios who hosted the hot glass portion of this event! It rocked!

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