Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Week of Surprises!

After the book thing happened, I didn't think that lightning would stike twice in the same place....ever, but another good thing happened this week.

About a month ago, Neil Ryan, the guy who started
called me and asked why I hadn't submitted for "Texas Juried Glass 2," The juried glass competition for Texas artists presented by the Galveston Arts Center. I had a list of bogus reasons why I hadn't submitted. The real reason for the long list was my belief that I'd never get accepted into the show, so why shoud I bother? Some might call that humility, I'll admit it's insecurity. Neil is a persistant man and very sweet and encouraging of my work. He convinced me that I needed to step out of my own shadow and let the work be judged. So...I sent it in. Again I was sure rejection was the only outcome I should expect. forward to June 1st. A friend asked me if I'd heard from Galveston Arts Center about my submission. She shared that she had recieved the "thanks but no thanks email from them." I searched my email, my company email, the bulk file, the spam file, and nothing from GAC. So, I called and spoke to the Center's Director and somewhat indignantly asked, "where's my rejection email?" His response floored me. He said, "We sent out emails to only those who were not accepted to the exhibition, YOUR LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE was sent out yesterday." I actually asked him to repeat that again.

Still in disbelief, I went to the mailbox and there it was. A letter from GAC with my name on it. Okay...still not believing...I open the letter and damned if he wasn't right, It said Congratulations! Again...WOW!

A good portion of my self-esteem still believes that this week of surprises is an elaborate practical joke. I guess I'll just count my blessings and see what happens next. Recognition, respect, acknowledgement, as Martha Stewart says, It's a good thing."

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