Monday, March 31, 2008

Richard Parrish Design Workshop...

Wow, my brain throbs just thinking about it! This workshop really made you think, which I loved! Richard Parrish is a fabulous, thoughtful instructor. He made this class fun and exciting and really put us through our paces! His presentations on design, proportion, and intent were to say the least inspiring! Mostly I found myself questioning my approach as to how and frankly why I create my work. This was a GOOD thing! This workshop really made me approach design differently. Richard's motto is "Design like you give a damn!" and that is my intent going forward.

The exercise presented in these photos illustrates the varied perceptions and intents in interpreting a design task. Each participant had a different and beautiful expression of the line, symmetry, the dot, asymmetry, balance, etc. It really opened our eyes to all of the possibilities!

In this example, we took a simple sketch and interpreted it in glass. This one highlights the line, balance and asymmetry.

This one also highlights the line, but looks at positive space and motion.

All in all this one one of the most comprehensive design workshops for glass that I've experienced! Richard is a wonderful teacher and mentor, and it's worth every cent to take a class with him. I'm also happy to call him my friend!

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